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Bilbozo Decals has been in the process making high quality decals since 2002. Our success comes from our commitment to quality products and providing that little bit extra to make our customer smile. As a hobbyist making diecast vehicles for 8 years, I decided to utilize the digital press equipment in my graphics company to make decals for myself . When others asked about where my decals came from, many friends had asked me to make sets for them and were so happy with the results, I was urged to start a small business and sell them on Ebay.

Soon after, as many customers took notice and I was approached by 3 Online Police Diecast Supply Companies and I began wholesale authorized distributorships with, ConroysCruisers and I consider them like family, Jeff, Walt and George have become great friends for me as well as the many customers we have serviced over the past decade.

I live in beautiful Vancouver Island Canada with my lovely wife Claudia and daughter Angela. I am self-employed for 15 years as co-owner of Eye Mean Graphics Ltd and
and have a BFA Degree in Graphic Design and Adveritising

As a second hobby I am also a guitarist, keyboardist and studio sessionist. I create music scores for radio, television and cinema. I have created a collection of instrumental music free for you to download to help inspire your mood while building your diecasts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.



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