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We do have a custom decals service for our customers who want to create their own department. What is optimally needed are some high resolution photos of the units. Close-ups of any door decals, plates etc. As for pricing I have 2 options, exclusive & non-exclusive. Non-Exclusive is $110.00 USD (This allows me to re-sell the decals to help cover costs). Exclusive means you, and only you will receive the decals and I cannot re-sell them, but are always available to you for re-ordering. Exclusive price is $160.00. This includes artwork, printing and shipping. You can have a choice of one scale of vehicle (it's a good idea to let me know the model...although many can be used to fit several cars, trucks or vans.)

You have ONE choice of the following
1:18 scale = 35 or more cars
1:24 scale = 45 or more cars
1:43 scale = 80 or more cars

The quantities are based on number of cars per sheet. The following are the quantities for each package. (Usually on what can fit on Ten 8.5 x 11" decal sheets ) At this time, due to time constraints or many custom orders I cannot do multiple scales or split scales.At the moment I am just confined to doing all white cars, light colored and some black & white cars. Mainly because the ink I use is semi-transparent and I cannot print the color white to overlay on dark vehicles. There usually is about a 4-6 week waiting list. Let me know if you are interested. Any other questions and I'll be happy to help you.

For inquiries please contact: Bill Smith

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