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Bilbozo Decals Instructions:
Included in your decal package are decals for your vehicle, crack & peel licence plates and a photo of the vehicle for reference.

Decals: These decals are soft and pliable but thicker and stronger as most other decal manufacturers as well. Cut out each decal piece with scissors or a scalpel. Wet your diecast model body with water where you intend to place your decal with a soft brush or wet cloth. This helps to slide the decal around until you have the right position. Dip the decal piece in cool to lukewarm water (Not hot as it can soften the decal too much.) The decals may curl when in contact with the water at first, this is normal...and after it takes on water you will see it relax and straighten slightly. Wait for approximately 40 seconds to 1 minute. You can tell if it's ready by taking the decal out of water and seeing if it slides on the paper backing easily. You may slide or peel off the decal with your fingers being careful not to let it fold or wrap around your fingers. Place your decal on your diecast model, sliding it to the right position. With a soft dry cloth or toilet paper , dab the decal softly to work out air bubbles and excess water. As it fixes itself to the model, you can add more pressure or even gently rub the water and air bubbles out. You can either cut the wheel wells to fit before dipping it in water or with a Q-tip you can tuck the decal under the wheel wells for a clean finished look. Let dry for approximately 15-30 minutes. The decal will be slightly tacky still, but this is the opportunity for you to cut the door seams or any parts of the car that open and close, where the decal overlaps. Open doors and dab it's edges to tuck them inside the door seams. You may add Microscale DecalSet if you wish to help cure it better. Let dry for approximately 24-36 hours or until cured. From here you may use a spray acrylic clearcoat such Krylon or Testors made for models to protect your diecast for a long time, (not urethane or clear varnishes as the alcohol content is high and toxic and may eat at the decal). Another common method which is affordable, reversible if you make a mistake and works well is Future Acrylic Floor Wax. Brush a light coat in light smooth strokes with a soft brush. It tacks fairly quickly so you must work to cover it quickly. If you haven't accomplished this successfully you can wait for it to dry and re-apply to re-activate the acrylic wax and re-smooth it out to a desirable finish.

Licence Plates: There are crack & peel stickers you must cut out yourself. You simply peel off the backing and stick it to the appropriate spot at the front or rear of the diecast.

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