How long does it take to receive my decals?
The decals are being shipped from Canada.  If you are in the USA, generally it can take 2-3 weeks for the decals to arrive at your destination address. After 3 weeks you can contact me and I can put a trace on them to see if they are in transit.  They very rarely go astray, but I ensure you always get your decals if you provide the correct address. They are definitely worth the wait. Thank you for your patience.

Can I order decals from you if I live in another country than USA and Canada?
Yes you can. We deliver to most places in Europe. You will need to contact me so that I can quote you on additional shipping charges.  Some countries may not available for delivery. Please check in with me before purchase.

I am Canadian and the pricing is in American Funds.  Can I pay in Canadian Currency?
Yes you can.  If you are Canadian, you must contact me and I can give you pricing in CAD funds.  Also you have the additional option of payingf via E-Transfer as well as Paypal.

I would like to have custom decals made not on your website, is this an option?
Yes you can. I do them however this site keeps me quite busy, so there is usual a waiting list which can be up to several months long. There are artwork fees that are quoted based on the amount of time required to design, the number of cars and inks. I can do some B&W vehicles, lettering in white, gold or silver inks, however we cannot do overlays of graphics on dark vehicles as the inks are tranluscent. For customs I require high resolution photos all the way around. Custom unit numbers and plates are available at additional cost. Usually a deposit or payment is required to get you in queue. Please contact me for more details.

Do you have instructions on how to apply your decals on my model?
Yes we do.  In your package you receive, the instructions are on the envelope we send your decals in as well there is usually a guide of where to place the decals on the car. Also on the fornt of this website you will see a button where you can download a PDF of the same instructions as your envelope.  These decals are liable yet stringer than most decals.  They are a real pleasure to use, very easy to install.