The Master Decal List is chronological order with items on the top being the most recently completed. I am in the process of uploading all 600 departments to view, so if you do not see the item list for sale but on this list please feel free to email me from the Contact Us page and I can send a pic of what it looks like.



Dubai UAE – Fit Most Vehicles
Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police NC Explorer
Iowa State Patrol Stealth set
North Carolina Highway Patrol Stealth
Worcester Police – Explorer
Amtrak Police – Explorer
Miami Police FL – Explorer and Taurus
Polk County Sheriff FL – Explorer or Taurus
Manassas Police – Multiple Vehicles
Fayetteville Police NC – Charger
New Jersey State Police 100th Anniversary Explorer
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Phoenix Rescue Three Fire – Explorer
Newport News Police VA – Explorer
San Francisco Sheriff – Explorer or Taurus
Port Arthur Police – Taurus
Fresno Sheriff CA – Explorer
Ontario Ministry of Transportation – All makes
Florida Highway Patrol Stealth – Charger
U.S. Dept of Defense Explorer, Taurus & Charger
U.S Marine Corps Police – Explorer
Sexy Pin-Up Ambulance – All Makes
U.S. Postal Police Explorer
Lac Le Biche Peace Officer – Welly Tahoe
Grande Prairie AB Peace Officer – Welly Tahoe
Edmonton Police Black & White – All Makes
Calgary Police AB Black & White – All makes
Surete Du Quebec B&W Explorer
Saskatoon Police – SK Canada – Explorer or Taurus
Regina Police – SK Canada – Explorer
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Officer (Explorer)
Environmental Protection Agency Canada (Explorer)
Hazzard County Sheriff (Rosco Monaco or Geico Commercial Charger)
Virgin Islands Police
San Diego Sheriff Vintage Green Caprice or LTD
Phoenix Police – Explorer
NYPD – Pink SUV for Breast Cancer
Chicago Police Gay Pride – Explorer
Orlando Police Explorer
North Dakota State Patrol – Explorer
NY NJ Port Authority Explorer
London Police ON – Dodge Charger
Chicago Police Old Stripe – Explorer
Will County Sheriff ILL – Explorer
British Columbia Sheriff – Explorer
Albuquerque Police – Explorer
South Dakota Hwy Patrol – For white Charger or Explorer
Nevada State Trooper (Light Silver Explorer)
Chicago Zoological Police – Explorer
Ottawa County Sheriff, MI – Explorer
Florence Police, SC – Explorer
Cayman Islands Police – Explorer
Jacksonville County Sheriff FL, – Explorer
Enumclaw Police, WA – Explorer
Scott Police LA, _ Explorer
Vineland Police, NJ – Explorer
Middletown TWP, NJ – Explorer
Cook County Sheriff, IL – Explorer
Lake County Sheriff, FL – Explorer
Hillsboro Beach Police, FL – Explorer
Delaware River and Bay Authority – Explorer
Huntsville Police, AL Explorer
Tacoma Police, WA – Explorer
Little Ferry Police NJ – Explorer
Canada Military Police, Explorer, Charger or Taurus
Hillsborough County Sheriff New markings – Explorer and Charger
Anchorage Alaska Police – Explorer
Suffolk County NY Sheriff Explorer
CP Railway Police Canada – Explorer
FBI Uniform Police – Ford Explorer
Orange County Sheriff NC – Superbee Charger
Collin County Sheriff TX – Explorer
Montgomery County Sheriff MD – Explorer
Montgomery County Police – Explorer
Scott City Police, LA – Charger
Scott City Police, LA – Explorer
USAF Security Police – Explorer
Tyler Police TX, Charger and Explorer
NYPD ESU – Explorers and Trucks
Miami-Dade Police – Taurus
New Orleans Police – Explorer
Virginia Beach Police – Tahoe
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary – Dodge Charger
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Conservation Officer – Ford F-150
Cinnaminson Police NJ – Charger
Hawaii State Sheriff HI -Explorer
Maui Police HI – Explorer
Kaua’i Police HI – Explorer
Orlando Police FL. – Dodge Charger
Hillsborough Police FL, Explorer, Charger
Blainville Police QC – Explorer
New York Hospital Police – Explorer
U.S. Capitol Police – Explorer
Nebraska State Patrol – Charger
Alaska State Troopers (Purple Swoop) – Explorer K9
Collier County Sheriff, FL – Explorer
Boston Police – Ford Explorer
Boulder County Sheriff, CO – Explorer
Boone County Sheriff KY – Explorer
NYC Sheriff – Explorer
University of Washington DC Police – Taurus
Newport News Police, VA – Explorer
U.S. Park Ranger – Explorer
FDNY Commissioner Liaison – Explorer
Ottawa Police – Ford Explorer
RCMP – Ford Explorer
Baltimore Police County Police – Ford Explorer
Nashville Police Explorer SUV
Tampa Police FL – Ford Explorer, Charger
Kansas State Patrol current (All vehicles)
Kingston Police ONT Canada (Explorer SUV)
Illinois State Police Explorer
Longueuil Police, QUE Canada (Explorer and Taurus)
York Regional Police ON Canada (new markings) – Explorer
Arkansas Highway Police (Explorer & Tahoe)
Mobile Police, AL (Explorer)
United States Mint Police (Explorer & Taurus)
U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs Police Charger.
Honolulu Police Explorer
Halifax Police – Charger
NYPD – Explorer
Puerto Rico State Police – Ford Explorer SUV
Peterborough Police Ont Can – Dodge Charger
Kennedale Police TX – Chevy Tahoe SUV
Guardia Nacional Mexico – Pickup, SUV & Charger
Harris County Sheriff – TX – Explorer SUV
Clark County Sheriff – WA – Fits All Vehicles
Philadelphia Police – Ford Explorer SUV
NYPD – Ford Taurus, Charger, Ford Explorer or FCV
Indianapolis Metro Police – All vehicles
Lawrence Police – KS – All vehicles
Nassau County Police Explorer SUV
Nashville Police Explorer SUV
Columbus Police – OH Explorer SUV
St. Jerome Police QC – Charger and Interceptor
Saskatoon SK Police – Taurus and Explorer
BC Ambulance – Dodge Durango
Alberta Sheriff 2018- New Charger & Explorer
Summerville Police, NC (Charger)
Detroit Police – Waving Flag Version – Dodge Charger
US Military Police – Fort Carson- West Point – Taurus and SUV
Pentagon Force Protection Agency Explorer SUV
Tyler Police, TX Dodge Charger
Greater Sudbury Regional Police, ONT CAN – Charger and Explorer
Pittsburgh Police – Explorer / Taurus
Toronto Paramedic ERU Car = Crown Victoria
Philadelphia Sheriff – Explorer SUV
Suffolk County Police – Ford Taurus Interceptor
Mercier Police Qc Taurus For Interceptor
Therese de Blaineville QC Police Charger or Taurus Interceptor (NEW)
North Dakota State Police – SUV Explorer & Ford Interceptor
Oregon State Police – Charger
L’Assomption Police QC – Charger
Toronto Police Taurus Interceptor & SUV Stealth.
MRC Des Collines QC Canada – Taurus Interceptor
Jacksonville FL Sheriff – Explorer SUV
Canada Border Services Agency (Explorer, Charger, Interceptor Taurus)
Baltimore County Police Ford Interceptor
Ottawa Police (New Markings) Ford Interceptor & SUV
Chicago Police SUV Explorer – (New Markings)
Thetford Mines Police QC (Interceptor & SUV)
Wendake Police QC (Interceptor & SUV)
Granby Police QUE (Interceptor & Charger)
Nashville Police – TN – INTERCEPTOR
Orange County Sheriff, Virginia (Charger)
Regina Police (Charger)
Winnepeg Police (Charger)
Mephremagog Police QC (Interceptor, Charger and Explorer SUV)
Canadian Border Services (CHARGER)
Rousillon Police QUE – (Interceptor )
Mirabel Police, QC Canada (Charger)
Vineland Police NJ (Charger or Explorer SUV)
Louisiana State Police (Interceptor)
Truro, Nova Scotia (FORD Explorer SUV Interceptor & Dodge Charger)
Boone County Sheriff, KY, (FORD Explorer SUV Interceptor)
Tyler Police TX ( Charger and Interceptor )
Orange County Sheriff VA ( Charger )
Cumberland Sheriff – NJ ( Charger )
Boulder County Sheriff – CO (Interceptor & Explorer SUV)
Arizona State University Police (Interceptor & Ford Explorer SUV)
Middletown TWP – NJ (Interceptor)
Scott Police – LA (Charger)
Puerto Rico State Police NEW – (Charger or Interceptor)
ICE Border Protection – Field Operations
Richelieu St. Laurent – (Charger and Interceptor)
Miami-Dade – New (Dodge Charger)
NYC Sheriff 2015 (Interceptor & FCV)
Scottsdale, AZ (Charger)
Miami City Police (Interceptor)
Eeyou Enou First Nation Police QC, Canada (Charger)
Therese de Blainville Police (Charger)
Phoenix Police – (CHEVY TAHOE)
Controle Routier, QUE, (INTERCEPTOR) (Quebec Vehicle Enforcement)
Surete Du Quebec (INTERCEPTOR), QUE
Memphis PoliceTN – (CHARGER)
Washington DC Transit Police (New B&W Version)
Bridgeview Police – Illinois – FCV
Chicago Zoological Police – FCV
Montreal Police – (INTERCEPTOR)
Toronto Police – (INTERCEPTOR)
Chicago MM (Charger)
Illinois State Police – NEW – (INTERCEPTOR & TAHOE)
Port Arthur Police – (Charger – Tahoe)
Buncombe County Sheriff Charger – NC (Charger)
Saint Jean Sur Richelieu Police – (CHARGER & INTERCEPTOR)
Oak Lawn Police – IL FCV
Stickney Police – IL – FCV
Will County Sheriff (NEW) – IL (INTERCEPTOR & FCV)
Will County Old – IL – (FCV)
Truro – NS Canada (Charger)
Halifax – NS Canada (INTERCEPTOR)
American Pride (Charger)
Indiana State Police 2013 (Charger)
NYPD (Charger)
Detroit Police 2013 (Charger)
Garland County Sheriff AR – (CHARGER)
Maumelle Police – AR (Charger)
Lake County Sheriff – ILLINOIS FCV
Cook County Sheriff – (NEW INTERCEPTOR & FCV)
Cook County Sheriff – (Old FCV)
Surete de Quebec – 2013 (Charger)
Montreal Police – 2013 (Charger)
Rutland Police – Vermont
Clark County Sheriff – WASH (Interceptor)
Quebec National Police Training Academy (Crown Vic)
Dodge Diplomat markings for San Diego Police
Chateauguay Police – Que (Crown Vic)
Chateauguay Que – (Charger)
Delaware River Port Authority 2013 (Charger)
Edmonton Police, AB – 2012 (CHARGER)
Calgary Police – (Charger)
Beaufort County Sheriff – SC – (Crown Vic)
Assorted Bullet Holes
Durham Regional Police – (1-27 Welly Tahoe)
Savannah – Chatham Police. GA – (Charger)
Savannah – Chatham Police. GA – (Crown Vic)
DHS Transportation Security Administration K-9 Unit (all Makes)
Chandler Police – AZ (Crown Vic)
Iowa State Patrol (Charger)
Palmer Police, Alaska (Crown Vic & Charger)
Virginia Beach Police, VA (Crown Vic)
Cayman Islands Police – (Charger)
Sudbury Police – Ontario Canada
Ontario Ministry of Transportation (Crown Vic)
Emergency Flashers – Red, Blue, & Orang
Passaic County Sheriff, NY.
NEW FHP – FDOT (Crown Vic)
Ottawa County Sheriff, MI (Crown Vic)
Kent County Sheriff, MI (Crown Vic)
Barrien County Sheriff, MI (Crown Vic)
Dickinsin County Sheriff, MI (Crown Vic)
McKinney Police, TX (Crown Vic)
Raccoon City Police (Resident Evil)
NY / NJ Port Authority (TAHOE)
Pima County Sheriff (TAHOE)
Philadelphia Police (TAHOE)
Lake County Sheriff – FL – (TAHOE)
Laval Police- Que Canada – (Charger)
Rousillon Police – Que – Canada (Charger)
Terrebonne Police – Que (Charger)
Durham Police, Ont Canada – (Tahoe)


Chicago Police (Vintage 60’s & 70’s)
Dodge Diplomat Vintage Markings for Griffith Indiana
Niagra Regional Police, ON Canada (Charger only)
L’Assomption Police, Que. Canada ( FCV & Charger )
Kingston Police, ON Canada ( FCV & Charger )
Gatineau Police – Que. Canada (FCV & Charger )
Therese-De Blainville, QC Canada
Harris County Sheriff, TX (NEW MARKINGS – NEW IMPALA ONLY)
Florence Police, SC
Richelieau – St Laurent, QC Canada
Rousillon Police, QC, Canada
CN Rail Police, Canada (New Markings)
Lexington Police – KY
Orlando Police – Florida
Thetford Mines – Que. Canada (Charger Only)
Terrebonne Police – Que, Canada (FCV & Charger)
Saint-Jean Sur Richelieu Police – Que. Canada (FCV & Charger)
Saguenay Police – (FCV & Charger)
Quebec City Police – Que. Canada – (FCV & Charger)
Collin County Sheriff, TX
Puerto Rico Policia (Transito)
British Columbia Ambulance Charger
Hillsboro Beach Police, FL
Hillsborough County Sheriff, FL
Andover TWP. Police, NJ
Tacoma Police, WA
Frisco Police, TX
Indiana Capitol Police, IN
Lake County Sheriff, FL
Blackfoot Police – Idaho
Suffolk County Police, NY (FCV Reg & HP)
Enumclaw Police – WA (Charger & FCV)
Laval Police, QC Canada
Garland Police, TX
Chesapeake Police, VA (New Impala)
University of Houston Police (FCV & New Impala)
Marion County Sheriff – Oregon
Albuquerque Police (Crown Victoria)
Nassau County Police, NY
King County Sheriff, WA
Allen Police, TX


Nassau County Police, NY – Hwy Patrol (New Markings for Charger & Crown Vic)
Alberta Sheriff – (New 2011 Star Markings)
Canada Border Services Agency (New 2011 Markings)
D.C. Metro Transit Police (Pre-2010)
US Capitol Police (NEW MARKINGS)
Navajo Nation Tribal Police
Delaware River & Bay Authority Police (NEW MARKINGS)
Cheyenne Police, Wyoming
Tarrant County Sheriff, TX
U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
Miami City Police
Indianapolis Police (New Markings) – White car only
AMTRAK Police Charger (New Markings)
Kern County Sheriff – CA (+ “Kick Your Ass” Unit)
Fresno County Sheriff – CA
Sonoma County Sheriff, CA
Marin County Sheriff, CA
Yolo County Sheriff, CA
Montcalm County Sheriff, MI
Halton Police, Ontario Canada (New Markings)
Pima County Sheriff, AZ

Aberdeen Proving Ground Police, MD
Alaska State Troopers, AK
Alberta Sheriff, Canada
Alexandria Police, Virginia
Amity Township Police, PA
Anne Arundel County Fire Dept – MD
Arizona Highway Patrol
Arkansas State Police
ATF – Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
Atlantic City Police, NJ
Avalon Police, NJ
Baltimore Police, Maryland
Baltimore County Police. MD
BC Integrated Safety Unit, Canada
Bell County Sheriff, Texas
Bensalem Pa, Police
Bomb Detection/swat Add-on Set
Boone County, KY Police
Brick Twp, NJ Police
British Columbia, Canada Sheriff
Broward County Sheriff, FL
Brunswick Police, MD
Calgary Police, Ab Canada
Calgary Police, Alberta Canada
California Highway Patrol – Door Decals Only
Canadian Environmental Protection Agency
Canadian Military Police
Canadian National Railway Police
Cape May, NJ Police
Charles County Sheriff, Maryland
Charles County Sheriff, MD
Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police, North Carolina
Chicago Illinois Police
CHP Recruit Charger
Cinnaminson Police, NJ
Colorado Springs Police & Marshal
Colorado Springs Police And Marshal
Colorado State Patrol
Columbus Police, Ohio
Connecticut State Police
Coppell Police – Texas
Dallas Sheriff
Dallas Sheriff (limited), TX
Dallas, Texas Police
Dea – Drug Enforcement – Operation Trifecta
Dea – Drug Enforcement Administration. Operation Trifecta Spec-ops Unit
Decatur Police, Texas
Decatur Police, Texas
Delaware River Port Authority- Pa New Markings
Denver, Co Police
Department Of Homeland Security 2006 Markings Superset
Des Plaines, Illinois – Pre 1998
Durham Regional Police (stealth Version)
Durham Regional Police (stealth Version) CAN
Durham Regional Police, Ont Canada
Edmonton Police, Ab Canada
Fayetteville, NC Police
FBI Police
FBI Superset
FDLE (Florida Capitol Police)
FDNY New York Fire Dept.
Fdot – Florida Department Of Transportation (new Markings)
FDOT Florida Department Of Tranportation
Fort Worth, Texas Police New Markings
Frederick County Sheriff, MD
Frederick County Sheriff, MD – New B&W Markings
Fredericton Police – NB (New Markings)
Garland County Sheriff, Arkanasas
Gary, Indiana Police
Greenwood Village Police, CO
Greenwood Village Police, CO
Griffith, Indiana Police
Halifax Regional Police, Canada
Hamilton Regional Police (stealth Version) CAN
Hamilton Regional Police, (stealth Version)
Hamilton Regional Police, Canada
Hawaii State Sheriff
Highland, Indiana Police
Hobart, Indiana Police
Honolulu Police
Houston. Texas Police
Huntsville Police, Alabama
Illinois State Police
Impala Grille & Headlight Add-on For Road Champs Impala
Indiana State Police – New 2007 Markings
Indiana State Police (New Markings)
Iowa State Patrol
Jacksonville Florida Sheriff
Jacksonville Sheriff, Florida
K-9 Add-on Markings Superset
K-9 Wire Mesh Decals For Rear Screen Windows
Kansas Highway Patrol
Kennedale Police, TX
Kennedy Space Center Security Police
Lake Wales Police, FL
Lakeland Police, Florida
Las Vegas Metro Police, NV
LAX Airport Police
Lewisville Police, TX
Lockland Police, Ohio (New markings)
Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles Sheriff (West Hollywood & Metrolink)
Loudon County Sheriff, Tennessee
Louisiana State Police, LA
Manassas Police, VA
Manassas Police, Virginia
Mariemont Police – Ohio
Mason City Police, Iowa
Maui Police – Hawaii – New Markings
Mcduffie Sheriff, Georgia
Mellissa Police – Texas
Miami-dade Police – New Markings
Miami-Dade Police (NEW MARKINGS)
Michigan City Police – Indiana
Middletown Twp, NJ Police
Minnesota State Patrol, Carrier Enforcement, Dwi & Crash Reconstruction (for White Gearbox Fcv & Expedition)
Minnesota State Patrol, Carrier Enforcement, Dwi & Crash Reconstruction (for White Gearbox Fcv & Expedition)
Missouri Highway Patrol
Missouri Texas Police
Montgomery Sheriff, MD
Montgomery, MD Police
Montreal Police – Canada – New markings
Moose Jaw Police, SK Canada
Mount Rainier Police, NJ
National Parks, Us Forest Ranger & Fish & Wildlife Superset
Nebraska State Patrol – White & Grey Car Version Only
New 2009 U.S. Secret Service
New Castle County Police, Delaware
New Jersey State Police
New Jersey State Police – (Black Stealth Car)
New Jersey Transit Police
New Markings 2007 Nyc Sheriff
New Orleans Police LA – New markings
Newark Police, Delaware
Newport News, Police, VA
North Branch Police, Iowa
North Carolina Highway Patrol (New Markings for Charger – Choice of Grey or Black car version)
North Dakota State Patrol
Norwood Police, PA
Ntsb – Aviation Investigation
NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board – Aviation Investigation Unit)
NY / NJ Port Authority
NYC Sheriff New York
NYPD New York
O.P.P. Black Stealth Car – (Fits FRR Charger & FCV)
Oakland Police, CA
Office of Naval Intelligence
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Ohio State Patrol Motor Carrier Enforcement
Ontario Provincial Police, Canada
Orange County Police, CA
Orange County Sheriff – Florida
Ottawa Police – Current Markings
Ottawa-carleton Police – Ontario
Peel Regional Police Stealth Decals for Black Cars
Peel Regional Police Traffic Enforcement (stealth Version – White CAN
Peel Regional Police Traffic Enforcement (stealth Version – White Car Only)
Peel Regional Police, Canada
Pennsylvania State Police – With 100th Anniversary Logos
Pentagon Police
Philadelphia Expressway Patrol – For 1:43 First Response Charger
Philadelphia PA Police
Philadelphia Police Setup – 1:24 Jada Charger
Phoenix Police, Arizona (New & Old Markings)
Pitt County Sheriff – North Carolina
Pleasant Hill Police – Iowa
Prince George’s County Police, MD
Prosper Police – Texas
Raleigh, North Carolina
Rankin County Sheriff, Mississippi
Rcmp Canada Federal Police
RCMP Retro Blue & RCMP Black and White
Regina Police, Sk Canada
Reno Police, NV
Ridgefield Police, SC
Riviera Beach, Florida Police
Rock Hill Police, SC
Rockledge Police, Florida
Rockvillepolice, Maryland (white Car Version Only)
Saanich Police, BC Canada
Sacramento Police, CA
Salem Police – Oregon
San Bernadino Sheriff CA
San Diego Police Markings for Dodge Diplomat
San Diego Police, CA
San Francisco Police
San Jose Police, CA
Saskatchewan Transport Patrol, Canada
Saskatoon Police, SK Canada
Scott Police, LA
Septa Transit Police
South Carolina Highway Patrol
South Carolina Highway Patrol
South Dakota Highway Patrol
Spokane, Washington Police
Stone Harbor Police, NJ
Surete De Quebec, Canada
Tampa Bay Police, Florida
Tempe Arizona Police (new Markings for B&W)
Tempe Police, Arizona
Tennessee State Patrol & Memphis Police
Texas Dps Highway Patrol – Special White Unit Only
The Colony Police – Texas
Titusville, Florida Police
Toronto Police – Canada (old Version)
Toronto Police (new Markings)
Toronto Police ) New 2007 Version)
Toronto Police Stealth Decals for Black cars
Twin Peaks, (sexy) Police – Novelty
U.S. Border Patrol – New 2006 Graphics
U.S. Federal Protective Service
Union County Police, N.J.
United States Mint Police
University Of San Diego Police
US Air Force Security Police
US Border Patrol – Pre-2006 Graphics
US Capitol Police
US Coast Guard
US Customs
US Dept of Defense Police
US Dept of Veterans Affairs
US Marine Corps Police (Quantico)
US Military Police
US Park Police
US Postal Police
US Secret Service
Utah Highway Patrol
Vancouver Canada Police – Pre 2006
Victoria, BC Police Canada – New 2006 Markings
Virginia State Police (Limited), VA
Washington DC Metro Police
Washington State Patrol
Wildwood, (North & West) NJ Police (Old Markings)York Regional Police (stealth Version)
York Regional Police (stealth Version). CAN
York Regional Police, Canada